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Ritz Carlton Club

The Ritz Carlton Club stands for first-class luxury and impeccable service. You can experience this kind of exceptional luxury yourself when you buy or rent a Ritz Carlton Club timeshare. With locations in Hawaii, California, Colorado, Florida, The Bahamas, and The Virgin Islands, you will have no problem finding the location that fits your ultimate vacation dreams. The Ritz Carlton timeshares provide the same legendary services and amenities that Ritz Carlton is known for around the world. This recognized leader in personal service and gracious hospitality creates a one of a kind vacation experience.


Timeshares are available through private ownership and fractional ownership. Private ownership gives you the advantage of owning an exclusing piece of luxury real estate that you can use exclusively full-time. Fractional ownership guarantees your use of a specific residence for a guaranteed number of days per year. Owners will often look to rent their timeshares, which is another fantastic way to enjoy a timeshare vacation through Ritz Carlton.


With Ritz Carlton Club timeshare ownership and membership with Interval International®, you have the option to vacation every year and literally never stay in the same place twice! All exchanges are processed through Interval International. You can select from Interval International's network of more than 2,100 resorts throughout 75 countries.


Whether looking to buy or rent, you are sure to find great values for Ritz Carlton club timeshares on our site.  Timeshare resales are a cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership. Want to sell your timeshare? Give us a call to day to learn more about your options for advertising with us.



We have bought and sold timeshares through Timeshare My Way. Both transactions were great experiences. The staff was very attentive to detail and easy to work with.
Linda B.